Mohammed Vaseem Siddiqui
Managing Director

Vaseem Siddiqui

Managing director

About Managing Director

Mohammed Vaseem Siddiqui, The founder, and the mastermind behind Flivv is the epitome of leadership. He started his professional journey in the IT industry as a coder. After completing his education in Masters in Computer Application and 15+ years of successful experience in Web Development, Vaseem founded Flivv Web Development Pvt. Ltd. with an excellent dynamic team that has served 100+ clients over the years global services with a 99% client retention rate.

He also worked in Dubai for a couple of years on multiple successful projects with government organizations and notable companies across the United Arab Emirates. With extensive clientele both in the Gulf and India, Vaseem has built concrete relationships due to his reliable reputation.

Real Estate Journey

Vaseem Siddiqui's Real Estate Journey


Our Mission

Goal and Mission

Goal and Mission

When it comes to doing business, Vaseem has an unconventional approach. He likes to think outside the box and create new opportunities for people around him. He empowers his team and drives the business with an emotional drive.

His ability to maintain relationships with his team and keep them close has motivated him to keep going and pursue his passion all these years. All in all, Vaseem strives to build a solid presence in the Real Estate market while strengthening networks and helping people make the best investment decisions.


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