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All you need to know about Kokapet Real Estate

Kokapet Real Estate

Kokapet Real Estate has been creating headlines. The recent record-breaking real estate activity that took place (Read: Telangana’s Highest Bid Ever For A Plot In Kokapet |Hyderabad Real Estate) itself is a testimony to how the area is well-acknowledged and in demand by the potential stakeholders who are willing to invest and flourish their businesses in kokapet. Be it commercial or residential real estate, Kokapet is emerging as one of the most desirable areas in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Kokapet Real Estate – Location

Located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Kokapet falls under the jurisdiction of Ranga Reddy district in Telangana. As one of the most sorted areas in Hyderabad, Kokapet is strategically connected to Gachibowli via Narsingi Nanakramguda road, as well as close to Hyderabad International Airport.

Moreover, the area is home to all the civil facilities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, employment hubs, and more. Despite being in its developmental stages, Kokapet has seen a rise in the number of residential communities and villas due to its proximity to some of the largest employment hubs in Hyderabad. In addition to being close to the Financial district, Hitech city, and Gachibowli, upcoming Neopolis Kokapet also contributes to the development of the area’s infrastructure and economic activities.

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The neighboring communities of Kokapet like Khanapur and Gandipet, contribute immensely to the overall development and prosperity of Kokapet Real Estate. These areas have a great mix of residential and commercial activities, making them an important part of the Kokapet development story.

There are several factors driving the growth of Kokapet. Notably, Gachibowli’s bustling commercial hub, the Outer Ring Road (ORR), and the presence of the nearby airport are major drivers of local development affected by the abundance of area of land in the vicinity around. These vast parcels of land offer more opportunities for real estate development, attracting developers (Realtors) and potential homeowners to Kokapet, thus increasing the overall profile of the area.

Other Notable Factors of Kokapet

Kokapet not only offers a stunning feature in the form of the sprawling Kokapet Lake, but also proves its desirability by conveniently connecting residents and visitors to key locations such as Hitech City, International Airport, and Gachibowli. With easy access to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) that is within approximately 20 minutes, and the Hitech City Railway Station and Raidurgam Metro Station nearby, transportation to and from this area on the outskirts of the city is both efficient and convenient. In addition, the international airport can be reached via the Inner Ring Road, which is just 30 kilometers away. As for the real estate landscape in Kokapet and its surrounding areas, it boasts an impressive development and growth, making it a prime location for homebuyers and other stakeholders.

Finally, coming to the residential market of Kokapet Real Estate, there are many property options available: –

21% of the properties for sale fall within the price range exceeding Rs 5 Crores
15% of the properties for sale fall within the price range of Rs 1.4 – 1.6 Crores
55% accounts to the 3BHK flats costing between Rs 2-3 Crores
– Lastly, 75% of properties account to the multi-storied apartments.

All in all, Kokapet Real Estate has already taken it’s course towards growth. Few years back, people hardly even knew about the area and referred to it as a mere village. This is how the development in each area takes place. As the city expands and grows, economic activities emerge and thus, the Real Estate market also establishes itself. Similarly, with Kokapet Real Estate, the activities unfolded in the due course of it’s time and the area is one of the most desirable options for professionals working in the vicinity of Kokapet.

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