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Development in Pharma City – Hyderabad 2023

Development in Pharma City

Development in Hyderabad Pharma City is the talk of the town. As Hyderabad is emerging as a city attracting multiple global investments, Hyderabad Pharma City is also one of the most discussed projects, and the areas around are beaming in terms of infrastructural development and real estate boom. In addition to the employment opportunities it is said to create, it shall also create benefits for all stakeholders involved with its Research & Development facilities and manufacturing operations.

Now there are multiple questions arising out of the situation.

Is there a reason why market prices are soaring in the far-flung and barely developed area?
Is it safe to invest in that area considering the pharmaceutical industry and its newness?
Finally, can we expect a return on investment from that area, and whether the project itself will be launched?

Thus, such speculations are common before a market boom or when a real estate market is in the making. This leads to questions about Pharma City’s development.

What are the developments so far?

1. 200 ft main road of Hyderabad Pharma City

200 ft main road of Hyderabad Pharma City
200 ft main road – Hyderabad Pharma City

This development is one of the highlights of the 19,000-acre project, as it will be a huge connection between Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Highways. Located in the master plan of Hyderabad Pharma City, this road will be the most active in terms of travel. Apart from that, with the establishment of other infrastructural developments there, this road plays a very important role in enhancing Hyderabad Pharma City.

2. Electricity Grids

Electricity Grids by Central & State Government

The electricity grids along the 200 ft main road of Hyderabad Pharma City have been jointly developed and completed by both the state and central governments respectively. These grids not only serve the electricity to the government employees residing around the area but also shall provide essential electricity services to Hyderabad Pharma City on 19,000 acres.

3. Plantation and Maintenance
Plantation at 200ft main road of Pharma City

Being an NIMZ (National Investment Manufacturing Zone) project, the government is committed to maintaining the area, including the 200 ft main road, to ensure both its functionality and aesthetics. The municipality department conducts regular visits and inspections to oversee the planting and upkeep of the 200 ft main road, as well as its extension that is of 100 ft (in progress).

4. Multiple Real Estate Ventures
NS Homes at Hyderabad Pharma City
NS Homes at Hyderabad Pharma City

With Real Estate projects being launched around Hyderabad Pharma City’s vicinity, the current market rate is much higher than that of last year’s. This is due to the interest shown by the stakeholders and investors who are purchasing open plots in developed ventures on a regular basis. Many realtors, builders, developers, real estate channel partners, and investors are involved in those areas.

5. Medical College on 30 Acres
Medical College Inauguration at Begari Kancha, Meerkhanpet

One of the significant recent development in Pharma City is the establishment of a medical college spanning 30 acres, inaugurated on October 1, 2023, with the participation of Smt. Indira Reddy and Harish Rao. This medical college is situated in Kandukur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Mirkhanpet, with a budget of 176 crores. Notably, it is aimed to offer admissions to students ranked as low as 15 lakhs so students can make the most out of this college. It shall be completed in 1 year and the hospital is also to be set up with investment of 400 crores that will be similar to Gandhi Hospital.

Major Upcoming Developments in Pharma City – Connectivity

Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekhar Rao announced that the metro rail network will reach kandukur in the Maheshwaram constituency during the launch of Haritha Haram Phase – 9 Tumuluru Village, Ranga Reddy. This shall ease the transportation and connectivity around Hyderabad Pharma City.

Source: Siasat

Investing in Hyderabad Pharma City

The government of Telangana is coming up with numerous investments, and the state’s advantageous socio-political situation and good governance are helping the people to identify newer investment opportunities. Additionally, as a National Investment Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ), it holds greater significance in terms of project establishment and infrastructure development.

Snipped from the official website of Telangana Life Sciences

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