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HMDA & DTCP – How do they Work?

hmda & dtcp

The Real Estate industry in the country has been leading for a long time now. From business owners to families, every individual is investing in real estate properties to secure their future. Similarly, Hyderabad also has seen a lavishing amount of investors when it comes to Real Estate development. Considering the city is now one of the biggest IT hubs, it is expected that the Real Estate industry is likely to grow ten times more rapidly in the upcoming years.

The following jurisdiction authorities (HMDA/DTCP) must be explained to you in advance of your investment in the real estate business with Flivv Realty so you are aware of how to proceed with the approval, purchasing, and registering processes.
HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) and DTCP (Directorate of Town and Country Planning) oversees the planning and development of urban and rural areas in their jurisdiction. According to the rules regulated by the authorities, they differ in their jurisdictions and functions.

Functions of HMDA – Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

  • Prepares the Metropolitan Development and Investment Plans, revises the plan, and works on implementation.
  • HMDA undertakes execution activities of different projects and schemes of metropolitan regions.
  • Coordinates the development of various bodies connected with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region.
  • Assists with the supervision of all projects and schemes funded by the Metropolitan Development Fund.
  • HMDA also manages the metropolitan development and provides funds for infrastructural amenities/facilities.

Functions of DTCP – Directorate of Town and Country Planning

  • The first and foremost function of DTCP is to assist the government in town and country planning activities.
  • It monitors different schemes involving the development and planning of different areas including, programs targeted to improve environments.
  • In addition to providing technical assistance, the department supports other departments involved in the planning and project development.
  • It provides technical remarks on issues such as land-use change proposals, land alienation, and any relaxed regulations.
  • With the DTCP, rural and urban areas can reach a reasonable level of development

Jurisdiction and Limits

  • Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority covers 7,257 sq. kilometers and consists of 7 districts, 70 mandals, and 1,032 villages.
  • Directorate of Town and Country Planning has jurisdiction over all the municipalities and Gram Panchayats in Hyderabad and Warangal (another district of Telangana state).

Both the authorities have played an essential role in developing metropolitan areas and towns in the city of Hyderabad. The upcoming projects with huge Real Estate investments will help the city’s economy thrive in the upcoming years. To make sure your real estate purchasing process gets completed without any hassle, connect with Flivv Realty. We guide you throughout the process and help you understand every complex situation that involves purchasing plots.

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