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Hyderabad Pharma City – Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

hyderabad pharma city

Hyderabad Pharma City is one of the most discussed topics in recent years, considering the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the country. The IT Minister of Telangana, Mr. KTR Rama Rao, has been actively engaging in the conversations on a global platform to educate and discuss establishing a conducive way to integrate the pharmaceutical sector in all of India through the World’s Largest Pharma City in the most loved cities of India, Hyderabad.

The city of Hyderabad is home to many. The booming IT Sector and the recent launch of T-Hub have attracted thousands of foreign potential investors to consider Hyderabad as their next city for investment. From employment opportunities to quality of living, the city tops all charts and has been consistently listed as one of the best cities to live in India according to the survey conducted by in recent years.

As 1/3rd of the world’s vaccines are produced in Hyderabad, this makes the city vaccine capital of the world. The pharmaceutical industry of Telangana has major contributions to the economy of India. The state government of Telangana plans to execute the upcoming project, Hyderabad Pharma City as a more evolved eco-systematic manufacturing zone in the whole of India, making it a core destination for innovation and infrastructure to nurture side by side. The talks in the country about this project have raised a lot of questions and queries. When is the project coming, how is it going to be? Will there be pollution considering it is a pharmaceutical zone and all of that.

We have curated the most frequently asked questions by people all over India about Hyderabad Pharma City to educate the readers about the project.

Hyderabad Pharma City FAQs

What is the status of Hyderabad Pharma City?

The project is currently in its initial stages. So far, the land acquisition has been done and the government of Telangana is in conversation with multiple international and national pharmaceutical companies for investment purposes. Recently, the government signed an MOU with King’s College London to set up a higher education facility in Pharma City. Moreover, the IT Minister is actively talking about the commencement of the project in different events such as World Economic Forum and BioAsia Summit.

What’s Pharma City Hyderabad Land Price?

You obviously can not purchase land within the vicinity of the government project. However, the main road 200 ft that connects Kandukur & Yacharam is 25 km and has all the private open plot ventures that differ in prices! The developed part of the road has comparatively higher prices, and the ventures that are inside the main road cost a bit cheaper. However, the market prices are solely based on the project’s internal development, the infrastructural advancement around and the demand in market by all the stakeholders involved.

Pharma City Location Map

The map, as shown below:

Hyderabad Pharma City Map - NS Homes

Official Website of the Project?

Telangana’s life sciences website has all the relevant information related to Hyderabad Pharma City. You can click here to know more from the government portal. The website elaborates the Life Sciences information and what all the government has achieved through this industry. The data available on the official website is convenient to understand about Government projects in detail.

What will be the Return On Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad Pharma City?

Back in 1997, nobody would assume the exponential growth of Hitech City. And now, nobody can step in to invest at affordable prices there. Smart investors who had foresight had purchased in that area when it was in its initial stages. With the rapid development of the main road, the prices are rising every quarter. Hence, your ROI will be 8X-10X in the upcoming 10 years.

Which companies are there in Hyderabad Pharma City?

Companies like Dr. Reddy’s, Biocon, Novartis & Asark have already confirmed their presence. By 2025, pharmaceutical companies from all over Hyderabad are mandated to establish their base to get started.

Is it safe to Invest Nearby HPC?

Absolutely! and why shouldn’t it be? The whole project is going to be eco-friendly. The 19,333 acres of land will include R&D Centers, Pharma University, Innovation centers, and Pharma City township.

When it will be safe for the people to thrive within the limits of the government project, your investments around it will also prove to be safer and beneficial.
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Our project, NS Homes, is located on the 200 ft main road of Pharma City and has a beautiful landscape and a lot of scope to grow in the upcoming years. You can begin your investment journey with us and get assured Return on Investments from the first year itself.

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