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A Brief Guide to paying Land Tax

land taxes

Investing in Real Estate is beneficial, but it also comes with the cost of paying a certain amount to the government authorities. If you claim ownership of a title, you will need to continue paying a fee. Owners of various types of real estate properties have to pay mid-year or annual property taxes. It is paid for plots, land, or improvements for places like buildings, shops, houses, etc.

Land tax is the result of the tax assessment of lands purchased by the owners. The amount gets collected by the municipal body and later is used to provide essential services like cleanliness, maintenance, transport, drainage, and other facilities around the land. By receiving tax revenue, the authority can fund all these services and maintain the area’s infrastructure.

Imposition of Land tax

Property tax, also known as land tax, is one of the major sources of revenue for city municipalities. Local governments assess the value of your real estate asset annually and then impose taxes according to that value. Your local municipal body will require you to pay this tax once or twice each year. The land tax rate differs between cities and areas, as there are various rules and valuation methods among municipal corporations. It has to be paid once or twice in an assessment year to the local municipal body in your area. By collecting land taxes, the municipality builds and improves the infrastructure. The authority also provides the region with amenities like water and electricity, drainage systems, lighting, and much more.

Calculation of Taxes

There are different methods of calculating the land tax like CVS, UAS and, AVS.

Capital Value System (CVS)

In this method of calculation, the percentage of the market value of the property is used to determine the tax. The local govt. of the area determines the market value depending upon the location.

Unit Area Value System (UAS)

As a result of dividing the property’s built-up area by its price per unit, the UAS is derived. According to its location, land price, and usage, the price gets predicated on the expected returns of the property. The evaluation is progressive in nature. The method is followed in Hyderabad and other cities like Patna, Delhi, etc.

Annual Rental Value System (AVS)

The tax in this method gets calculated on the value derived from the land in one year. The municipal corporation estimates tax based on the size, condition, and location of the property/land. Some parts of Hyderabad and Chennai follow the AVS system for collecting the land tax.

Investing in properties – Hyderabad can be a daunting task. From initial scrutiny to final registration process there are lot of things to keep in mind including the land taxes, etc. Hence, it is very important to invest with the right people/company and in projects that have proper legal checks in place. When you examine the properties through Flivv Developers, we make sure to educate you and bring you the best options available in Hyderabad – Telangana. With us, you can wisely invest in Real Estate and expect beneficial appreciation and excellent customer support over the time.

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