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Pharma City & HITEC City Real Estate Investments

Pharma City & HITEC City Real Estate Investments

Due to the rapid development of the world around us, it is reasonable to believe that the future will benefit upcoming generations. In times of distress like the pandemic and inflation, the real estate sector has remained resilient and profitable.

How should we perceive the ever-growing Real Estate Sector in our country?

Hyderabad has shown tremendous growth in purchasing and selling Real Estate in the past few years as the settlements increased rapidly over time, lagging behind other major cities.
In addition to other factors, including its cheaper cost of living, Hitech City is one of the main reasons many people prefer Hyderabad over other cities.

Real Estate Investment In Hitech City

The Hitech city covers an area of 200 acres and is located in Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Manikonda, Nanakramguda, and Shamshabad. This combined technology township is also known as Cyberabad. Hitech city is home to both residential and commercial structures. Certainly, Hyderabad’s booming IT sector offers tough competition to other IT cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai. It aims to be India’s new IT capital, with its HITECH City as an influential industrial IT hub.

As a result of several factors including, better connectivity & transportation facilities, the rise of residential real estate and metro projects, the demand in Hitech only grew with time. Profits have never been so lucrative for people or companies who invested in Hitech City in the early years between 1998 – 2000.

Pharma City

The Government of Telangana is establishing Hyderabad Pharma City, the “world’s largest pharmaceuticals industrial park” near Hyderabad, India. The Park stretches over 19,000 acres and is considered one of the largest industrial parks of its kind for pharmaceutical manufacturing and development.

Telangana Government has embarked on this project. It is expected to attract USD 9.7 billion Investment and generate employment for 5,60,000 people. In the future, Pharma City is likely to attract thousands of people and Real Estate investments due to its progressiveness. Aside from information technology, pharmaceuticals are one of the major industries in Hyderabad. It accounts for more than 40% of the bulk drug production in the country.

Taking benefit of the advantages offered by natural gas for heating and disposal, Hyderabad Pharma City features effluent treatment facilities, solid waste management, a secured landfill, incinerators, testing facilities, and real-time monitoring and control facilities.

                              Hi-tech City                          Pharma City
Business Industrial ParkPharmaceuticals Industrial Park
Commissioned for promotion of ITCommissioned for promotion of Pharmaceuticals
Initial Investment of USD 350 millionThe potential of USD 9.7 billion Investment
The growing job hiring rate in the countryPotential creation of 5,60,000 jobs
Benefiting Indian EconomyCreating investment opportunities for Indians

Flivv Realty promotes and connects you with what will benefit you later. So, make sure to contact us and invest in your secure future. With the information stated above, it is clear that like Hitech City, Pharma City will be one of the leading opportunity hubs in the world. Get a free consultation and more insightful information for successful real estate investments in Pharma City.

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