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Pharma City Hyderabad Location Highlights

pharma city hyderabad

Pharma City Hyderabad of Telangana is said to be the world’s upcoming largest pharmaceutical sector that will create 5 lakhs + employment opportunities and boost the pharmaceutical industry in Hyderabad. Making it the “Mecca” of Life Sciences hub.
It is only fair to assume that Mr. KTR’s vision regarding this idea is true because Hyderabad is already the Pharma Capital of India and is the vaccine capital of the world.

Pharma City is said to be spread over 19,000 acres with R&D facilities, Pharma Universities, Pharma Townships, Manufacturing sites, and much more to create a healthy structural cluster where the industry can thrive and prosper. Many other sectors in Hyderabad are flourishing and have areas of their own where it is easy for the industry stakeholders to stay and work without any hindrance.

A similar situation would be with Hyderabad pharma city where there will be workers, students, employees, etc. co-existing in one place to thrive. Moreover the pharma city Hyderabad is an eco-friendly project with 0 gas emissions. This central government project is aimed to promote sustainability in an eco-friendly manner.

Location Highlights of Pharma City Hyderabad

There is a 200 ft main road stretch connecting the two key highways, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar highway.

The NIMZ (National Investment Manufacturing Zone) project is located at a distance of approximately 25 km from Hyderabad International Airport and 29 km from Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (ORR) lying around Mucherla Village, Kadthal Village, Ranga Reddy District.

What can you see on the Pharma City main road?

2 High Way Connectivity
Electricity grids by State and Central Government
Real Estate Development
Infrastructural Advancement
Amazon Data Center

All in all, currently Hyderabad Pharma City is thriving in terms of real estate developments, infrastructural development, and much more. As this area will also be surrounded by a logistical hub, the transportation and movements of Pharma City will be taking place on the proposed 200 ft main road that crosses, Mirkhanpet, Nazdik Singaram towards Yacharam.

There are multiple high-profit-yielding open plot ventures in Pharma City Hyderabad that have a beneficial return on investment options. NS Homes, being one of the prominent ventures with multiple amenities is located on the first bit of the main road which will appreciate by 1 year by 20%.

Overall, Hyderabad Pharma City is making good progress in its development and is expected to become a major pharmaceutical manufacturing hub in India once completed.

If you are looking to invest in Pharma City and are wondering why there is no development of major changes yet. Remember, as it is a central/state government project, it is bound to happen and it will thrive in the coming years. Investing now will be a wise decision and will help your investments build over time for beneficial return on investments.

This prime location is already reaping benefits for people who invested earlier. Explore investing opportunities in Hyderabad Pharma City in the initial stages as the prices will increase eventually with major and key developments around the area.

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