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How to Protect Your Real Estate Property from Illegal Occupancy

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Owning any asset is the most important achievement in an individual’s life. And to protect it, by all means, is as necessary as owning it. Some lands are purchased by parties but are hardly maintained, abandoned, or occupied by trespassers over time.
The result of this neglect is the decline in the value of the Real Estate property since there is no productive activity.
In case you are a real estate property owner and want to legally protect your land from illegal encroachment, make sure to follow the following steps:


Before moving forward, you should hire someone who is capable of constantly maintaining or protecting your real estate property. Inform the caretaker about everything, so he can also answer inquiries, connect you with the enquirers, etc. The presence of a being on the real estate property should not motivate any person to trespass.

Boundary walls

One of the most concrete ways to secure your land is by constructing a boundary wall around the property. A property owner must take this measure in order to prevent people from entering the land illegally. It doesn’t matter what you’re constructing on it later. You must practice this measure as a priority. Another thing you should do is add a clear signboard stating owner details, legal representative details contact number/address.

Regular Visits

Your Real Estate property is a tangible asset and requires your presence regularly. It is necessary that you visit your property time and again to get updated on the process around your land. It is possible that you may come with a piece of new information regarding the market prices around your land, meet potential stakeholders, etc.

Last but not least. Always carry your photocopied property papers with you whenever someone asks to meet you at the site for inquiry. Never carry original documents unless you’re legitimizing a transaction in government-approved offices.
At Flivv Realty, we give a more in-depth insight and details about every property we work on. We make sure that your investments are safe and worth it. Hence, our time constantly works for the well-being of the real estate sector and the stakeholders involved in it. From assisting you from day one till the time of registration, we are always there to guide you throughout the process.

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