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Return on Investment in Hyderabad Pharma City – What can you Expect?

Return on Investment

Return on Investment is every investor’s goal. An investor simply does not decide to pitch in their finances into something and expect no returns. Every investor does an equal amount of research and scrutiny before investing. As the savings and income of an individual are precious, money is supposed to grow and benefit the investor so he can seamlessly liquidate it later at profitable prices.

The chronology for getting ROI is simple.
You invest
Your money grows
You liquidate it at the earliest

And as simple as it looks, some investments are subjected to market risks as well. However, An asset class like real estate is regarded as stable, especially in a volatile market. Real estate returns have averaged 11.6% per year in the last ten years, according to the Reserve Bank of India’s House Price Index, which tracks home prices in 10 major cities. In the past decade, this has outperformed both the equity market at 11% and gold at 8.8%.

Return On Investment Opportunity in the Upcoming Developing Areas

Return on Investment opportunity at developing areas

Hyderabad Pharma City will be the World’s Largest Pharma City on 20,000 acres, which will include Pharma University, R&D Centers, Manufacturing, and Township inclusion. So far, the infrastructural development present around the area is a 200 ft main road and Amazon data center. The big companies like Novartis, Dr. Reddy’s, and even Austrak will be setting up their facilities by 2025. Considering the massive development in an area where innovation and infrastructure will work together, it is no less than a massive breakthrough for Telangana. Therefore, investing in that area in the initial stages will reap benefits like the present Hitech City. With the availability of multiple venture options there, the choices for your investments will be wider.

Ventures on the main road of Hyderabad Pharma City have higher chances of return on investments because the commercial roadway passing through the ventures will have more effective appreciation. The demand and sales of the commercial properties will be higher than compared to the properties that are inside or in the 4-6th bit of the road. So the availability of properties will narrow down because most of the buyers will opt for the ones situated on the main road. The early buyers will only reap the benefits and will be able to resell at profitable prices easily.

There was a time when Hitech city was in a similar condition, and people would hardly consider investing there saying, “it’s too far” or that there’s no future. But guess what?

The West of Hyderabad (present Hitech City) is the most premium area in all of Hyderabad to secure investments. The ticket prices are too high and not affordable for first-time investors to begin their Investment journey.

To conclude, the Hyderabad Pharma City doesn’t require much of a ticket price as it is super affordable presently. The main road has already been constructed, the electricity grids are installed, and the Amazon Data Center has set up its data center in Mirkhanpet village. Following these developments, the number of open land ventures will increase, and so will the investments. The infrastructure will nurture, and so will the prices!

At Flivv Realty, we suggest the best ROI Options for you. Our project, NS Homes, is located on the 200 ft main road of the Pharma City has got a lot of potential as it is located on the first bit of the main road. The commercial road will have suitable development, and the prices, and land value appreciation will be according to the location’s progress with time. Which will in return provide you with the best Return on Investment.

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