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Importance of Property Amenities in Real Estate

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Property amenities in Real Estate play a very important role in enhancing the value of the property. Many real estate ventures are sold not only due to their location factor but also due to the amenities they come with. It is crucial to understand that nowadays, any real estate property without amenities is hardly looked upon or dealt with. 

Unless it’s an abandoned open plot in a super expensive area or so. Mostly, the real estate developers ensure that they provide amenities with the venture and market it. So customers can enjoy the benefits that come with their respective investments.

What is an Amenity?

Property amenities are features that make a property more desirable to potential buyers or tenants. Features of residential and commercial properties can be included in the term. Real estate listings for single-family homes/open plots, etc. Can feature them to attract potential buyers or tenants. Amenities can be part of a more sophisticated marketing strategy to attract tenants or other users.

Real Estate Amenities – Open Plots

The property is also highly desired due to its cutting-edge features. Whenever you buy a block of land, whether for investment or to build a house, make sure to check out what amenities the neighborhood and the surrounding area has to offer. 

Important amenities such as electricity, BT roads, drainage, avenue plantation, water harvesting pits, overhead water tank, etc. are important to consider. Any HMDA, DTCP + RERAapproved open plot venture shall have all the amenities and the regular maintenance should also be there.

These amenities, with time, are super beneficial for the end user (the ones who will end up settling in the area) and also for people who want to flip/resale over a short period.

When investing in open plots, look for the following amenities:-





Recreational Facilities


To get accurate and up-to-date information on open plot developments in Hyderabad, it’s essential to research specific projects or speak with real estate professionals.

Easy to Resell

When investing in open plots, the appreciation factors like location. With infrastructural development of the property around real estate amenities. It is easy to get the property resold. Properties with properly built amenities are subjected to getting resold easily. The amenities should also be maintained to keep the value of the property intact.

We at Flivv Developers, since the inception of our projects, ensured to develop our open plot ventures with world-class amenities considering the authority norms like DTCP, RERA, etc. 

We are also actively working on a farmland project with 10+ amenities that shall cater to the visitors’ leisure time. 

Eventually, by taking up HMDA open plot projects, we also plan to provide amenities as per the HMDA norms. Remember, investing in properties with amenities saves you time and energy. It helps you elevate the value of the property over time, where you can resell at appreciated prices.


Hence, before planning to invest in any land parcel, identify the amenities of the property or purchase a completely barren land to work on it by yourself!

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