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Open Plots in Hyderabad Pharma City – Scope & Benefits

open plots in hyderabad pharma city

Open plots in Hyderabad Pharma city are getting sold like hotcakes surrounding the project. Since Hyderabad Pharma city got NIMZ approval in 2019, the real estate market flourished and is now experiencing growth every quarter. This leaves us to explore the investment opportunities on the Srisailam Highway, Nagarjuna Sagar Highway, Nandiwanaparthy, etc.

Hyderabad Pharma city is going to be the world’s largest pharmaceutical hub. With being home to manufacturing hubs, pharma universities, Research and development centers, and townships, the project will truly execute the concept of Live, Work, and Play.

As Hyderabad is the pharma capital of India, 1/3rd of the global vaccines are produced in Hyderabad alone. Hence, the establishment of Hyderabad pharma city will add up to the life sciences portfolio of Telangana.

Coming to the Real estate investments in pharma city/open plots in Hyderabad pharma city, many customers, approached by realtors from the area fear investing in Hyderabad pharma city thinking that the area would be harmful/dangerous for investments.

This isn’t true. To know the answers to your more frequently asked questions, read our blog, Hyderabad Pharma City – Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered to know in-depth answers that will help you with your doubts.

Where are Open Plots in Hyderabad pharma City?

Real Estate investments are not taking place IN the vicinity of Hyderabad Pharma City but AROUND the Hyderabad pharma city, to make it more identifiable, people refer to the whole area as Hyderabad pharma city. Hence, your investments will be around the area and not in the actual government project.

Properties in Hyderabad Pharma City surround the 19,000-acre project. the project ventures are located mainly on the key road belt that is 25 km that stretches from Kandukur (Srisailam highway) to Yacharam (Nagarjuna Sagar highway). the belt is named the 200 ft main road of pharma city. On the 200 ft belt, the key developments so far are:-

  1. 150 ft wide main road
  2. Open plot ventures
  3. Electricity power plants by central and state governments.
  4. Amazon Data Center
  5. Hyderabad Pharma City entrance (in progress)

This 25 km of the belt has premium open plot ventures in Hyderabad pharma city like NS Homes, located in Nazdiksingaram, located 2km from Hyderabad pharma city and 6km from amazon data center. The project, NS Homes is an 11 acres DTCP + RERA project that has state-of-the-art amenities with professional assistance for return on investments.

Open plots in Hyderabad pharma city are solely for investment purposes at the moment as it’s a developing area. With the massive developments taking place around the areas and prices skyrocketing on a regular basis, the investors must be smart to identify the market of Hyderabad pharma city without outrightly rejecting it with 0 knowledge.

If you come across a main road venture on the 200 ft main road of pharma city that is continued by the 100 ft main road of Pharma City, make sure to invest in the open plots located on the main road. Over the years, you will find the area booming with commercial/residential investments as the settlements will automatically take place.

No area has developed in 1 year. Multiple projects like Hitech City itself took over 20 years to develop and we can still see the investments and big projects taking place currently.

When investing in real estate, it is dumb to think that the area you’re investing in has “less development”, or “no development”. As long as you’re investing in the “developing” areas, you’re on the right path. Or, you won’t be able to afford, the land, once it’s fully developed.

Open Plots in Hyderabad pharma city are now reasonable with great potential. It’s now up to you if you want to take the smart decision. Or wait and regret it later.

The choice is yours. Connect with trusted Realtors to get your investment journey started, and check out NS Homes as it has the best open plots in Hyderabad pharma city.

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